Wednesday's Safeguarding Week Message of the Day

​It's Safeguarding Week 20th June – 24th June 2022; help us to improve awareness and understanding of safeguarding adults in Leeds.  

Professional Curiosity

We know from Safeguarding Adults Reviews in Leeds and across the country, how important Professional curiosity can be, in situations of self-neglect, as well as in other areas of safeguarding.

Professional curiosity involves seeking to understanding what is really happening in someone's life, rather than making assumptions or accepting what they are told at face value. It involves looking out for signs that things are not right and seeking out the evidence of what is really happening. In cases of self-neglect, it includes looking to understand the person behind the behaviour that raises concerns.

Professional curiosity is not just a consideration for practitioners, it is also an issue for front line managers, and senior managers who can support this practice. This is why we have developed a range of guides:

Our Safeguarding Week, Wednesday request, is to ask all organisations in Leeds reflect on how professional curiosity can supported and promoted within your services. Working in this way can make a real difference for people in Leeds.

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Also; Hear from some of our Board members, as to why safeguarding is so important to them and their organisations.