Thursday's Safeguarding Week Message of the Day

It's Safeguarding Week 20th June – 24th June 2022; help us to improve awareness and understanding of safeguarding adults in Leeds.  

Exceptional Risk Forum (ERF)

In a recent practitioner survey only 19% of respondents knew that we have an Exceptional Risk Forum in Leeds. This means that there may be practitioners and services that not accessing all the support that they need.

The Exceptional Risk Forum was established last year. Its purpose it to provide support for practitioners and services who are working with complex cases, where someone lives in circumstances of exceptional risk to themselves despite the best efforts of individual agencies and multi-agency approaches to mitigate those risks.

This means that the Exceptional Risk Forum can provide advice on a whole range of situations where a person is at risk, including situations of self-neglect and hoarding.

Our Safeguarding Week, Thursday request, is to ask all organisations in Leeds to promote awareness of this Forum, so that it can be used to support practitioners in their work.  

Find out more information about the Exceptional Risk Forum and how to make a referral.

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