Monday's Safeguarding Week Message of the Day

It's Safeguarding Week 20th June – 24th June 2022; help us to improve awareness and understanding of safeguarding adults in Leeds.  

Self-neglect policy and guidance

In a recent practitioner survey only 31% of those asked, had used the LSAB Self-neglect policy in their work. But of those who used them; 95% found them helpful in providing support to someone who self-neglects. 

It may be that not everyone who needs to be working within the LSAB Self-neglect policy is doing so. Not everyone may know about the policy and the guidance it contains.

Based upon national research the self-neglect policy provides important information and guidance about:

  • Best practice principles
  • Approaches to engagement
  • Legal frameworks
  • Procedures

Our Safeguarding Week, Monday request, is to ask all organisations in Leeds to make sure their services and practitioners know about and have access to the LSAB Self-neglect policy. Working in this way can make a real difference for people in Leeds.

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