West Yorkshire Safeguarding Week 24th - 28th June 2024

Safeguarding Week is being held across West Yorkshire by Safeguarding Adults Boards, Safeguarding Children Partnerships and Community Safety Partnerships from 24th-28th June 2024. It provides a great opportunity to promote awareness and understanding of safeguarding issues and services.  

In celebration of West Yorkshire Safeguarding Week there will be free programme of Seminars that are open to practitioners from across the region. Please click on the link to see what is happening each day and how you can join in: Free Safeguarding Week Events Programme (govdelivery.com)

Please also consider what you and your organisation can do to support Safeguarding Week this year.  

Are there other things you could do to promote safeguarding within your services? Is there an event you can put for your staff? Is there information you can share with volunteers? Is there a session you could provide for people who use your services? However big or small - everything you do makes a difference. 

Our posters, leaflets and videos can help you to promote awareness