Training courses

A range of training courses are provided in Leeds. Safeguarding adults is 'everyone's business', but people will have different roles to fulfil in responding to safeguarding concerns. This range of training courses aims to provide for everyone's needs.     All these courses are provided free of charge.


Safeguarding Awareness Course, ‘Safeguarding Adults: The Role of the person Raising a Concern’, this Care Act compliant course provides an introduction to safeguarding adults for front line staff and volunteers.  It provides an overview of the signs and symptoms of abuse and how safeguarding adults aims to support those at risk of abuse and neglect.


 Safeguarding Adults for Managers and Supervisors’ (a Care Act compliant update to Reporting Abuse for Managers), is aimed at managers who have a responsibility for reporting safeguarding concerns to the local authority. It covers when and how to report concerns, and the role of their organisation in the safeguarding adults procedure.


These courses are provided by Adult Social Care. For dates of courses or for more information, contact their Business Support Centre on 0113 3785274.


Specialist Safeguarding Adults training courses are no longer provided by the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board.  This decision follows a refocusing of the way in which the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board expects the safeguarding workforce to be developed and trained in Leeds.
If you work for ASC, or in a commissioned service supporting adults with care and support needs, please contact the ASC Business Support Centre on 0113 3785274 to enrol on either of the courses as listed above.

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