Multi agency safeguarding adults forms

Tell us your safeguarding concern

You can tell us your safeguarding concerns by either:

  • Telephone: Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 0113 222 4401 

Or, Organisations may complete the form below and send via secure email to:

Only complete the Body Map form where it is helpful to illustrate any injuries.

Further information can be found on the Adult Social Care website here



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People in positions of trust

If you have a safeguarding adults concern, please use the Tell us your concern form above 

If you have more general concerns about the risk that may be posed by a person in a position of trust, please refer to our People in positions of Trust Guidance; which explains how these concerns should be managed and the circumstances when they should be reported to Leeds City Council: Adults and Health.

Forms for safeguarding practitioners​

To avoid duplication, the Board no longer keeps a full set of all the safeguarding adults forms on its website that might be used by practitioners.  These continue to be held on Leeds Adults & Health systems, to be used by services and practitioners as directed by Safeguarding Coordinators.

For ease of access for provider services however, the Provider Enquiry Report template is included below. Please note that this is a revised form introduced from the 19th July 2021; it reflects changes made to the multi-agency policy and procedures from this date.