Learning from Practice

​These Learning Packs have been developed by the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board to support the development of practice. Each is made available to both practitioners and organisations to enable learning within one part of the city or region to be shared with all organisations in Leeds.

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Supporting older victims of domestic violence and abuse



Learning from Savile - ResourceWORD 54KBhttps://leedssafeguardingadults.org.uk/Documents/Safeguarding/Savile Learning Pack LSAB Resource Assurance Checklist Individual.docx59543docxword equal-item
Learning from Savile - Implementation and evaluationWORD 48KBhttps://leedssafeguardingadults.org.uk/Documents/Safeguarding/Learning from Savile - Implementation and Evaluation.docx53471docxword equal-item
Learning from Savile - Presentation Slides1419KBhttps://leedssafeguardingadults.org.uk/Documents/Safeguarding/Learning from Savile LSAB Resource 2016 Presentation Slides.ppt1460224pptpp equal-item
Savile Learning Pack LSAB Resource Assurance Checklist Organisations52KBhttps://leedssafeguardingadults.org.uk/Documents/Safeguarding/Savile Learning Pack LSAB Resource Assurance Checklist Organisations.docx57755docxword equal-item
Resource pack52KBhttps://leedssafeguardingadults.org.uk/Documents/Safeguarding/Savile Learning Pack LSAB Resource.docx82656docxword equal-item