Three Year Strategic Plan April 2020 to March 2023

1. Our Vision:

The Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board is a statutory body with a strategic responsibility to work with its members and partners to protect and support adults with care and support needs from abuse, neglect and self-neglect in Leeds.

The Board's vision is for Leeds to become:

A safe place for everyone  

  • To achieve this, the Board and its members work together to:
  • Prevent abuse, neglect and self-neglect
  • Provide timely and proportionate response to abuse, neglect and self-neglect
  • Promote awareness and understanding of safeguarding adults
  • Ensure safeguarding practice is person-centred and outcome focused
  • Ensure continual development of safeguarding practice and arrangements in Leeds

2. Our Ambitions for 2020/21 – 2022/23

The Board's Strategic Plan sets out how the Board will work towards achieving its Vision for Leeds. Its plan is based around four key ambitions that will guide is work and priorities:

2.1 Develop citizen-led approaches to safeguarding 

Talk to me, Hear my voice is a phrase given to us by citizen groups in Leeds. It is their call for safeguarding practice and arrangements in the city to be informed by the voices of those to whom we are here to safeguard. Our plans each year will set out areas of development which will take us towards being citizen-led.

2.2 Improve awareness of safeguarding across communities and partner organisations

The Board is committed to working with communities and partners to ensure people know how to seek help and have the confidence to do so. It will identify areas each year in its annual plan that will help promote awareness across the city.

2.3 Develop city-wide approaches to safeguarding practice

Abuse, neglect and self-neglect can take many forms. The Board will adapt its annual plan as needed to respond to emerging priorities. This plan is being developed at a time when the country is beginning to experience the impact of the covid-19 pandemic. The Board will work to understand the safeguarding implications for citizens in Leeds, and support the partnership respond to emerging threats and issues.

Citywide approaches will also include working in partnership with key strategic boards, such as Safer Leeds and Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership, in relation to support for people with complex needs.  Work during this period will include however, developing citywide approaches to self-neglect, identifying learning to support people living street based lives and working with strategic partners to develop our approach to domestic abuse.

2.4 Learn from experience to improve how we work

This ambition reflects the Board's commitment to continual learning and development of safeguarding arrangements, using citizen experiences and citizen feedback, to help us achieving positive safeguarding outcomes for people in Leeds.

Annual Plan 2020/21         

The Annual Plan sets out how the Board will take forward its ambitions during the year ahead. The Annual Plan is a dynamic document and is subject to change so as to provide for emerging issues and developments. The plan is reviewed and updated for each Board Meeting.

1. Ambition:  Develop citizen-led approaches to safeguarding

What we want for citizens in Leeds:

'I am able to influence how people are safeguarded in Leeds'

What we are seeking to achieve as a Board:

  • To involve citizens as partners in developing safeguarding in Leeds
  • For citizen voices to be heard and change the way we work
  • Enable practitioners to learn directly from citizens about what good practice looks like and feels like
  • For Talk to me, Hear my voice principles to be embedded within all the Board work streams 

This is what we will do: 

1.1 The Board will undertake a review of its working arrangements to ensure it is working in the best ways and is focused on learning from citizen's experience.

This will involve:

  • Reviewing our approach to citizen involvement within the Board
  • Reviewing our Board composition, Board arrangements and our approach to organising work streams, to ensure we are working in the most effective way
  • Developing a new board constitution in-line with the citizen principles of Talk to me, Hear my voice

1.2 The Board will seek out and learn from citizen experiences of support within the multi-agency safeguarding procedures to improve practice.

The Board has already commissioned an independent service to gather people's experiences. Further action will involve:

  • Ensuring citizens are made aware of their opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences
  • Enabling the citizen panel to identify learning themes and make recommendations to the Board
  • Evidencing how learning is influencing our current and future plans and priorities

1.3 The Board will enable citizen groups to promote Talk to me, Hear my voice principles to practitioners.

This work has already commenced. Further actions involve:
  • Inviting current citizen Ambassadors to undertake ten more sessions with practitioners
  • Extending the range of citizen-led Talk to me, Hear my voice films
  • Enabling a further citizen group to be Talk to me, Hear my voice ambassadors

2.  Ambition: Improve awareness of safeguarding across all communities and partners organisations

What we want for Citizens in Leeds:

'I receive clear and simple information about what abuse is, and how I can get help'
'I am confident that services that I go to, know how best to support me'

What we are seeking to achieve as a Board: 
  • Involve citizens in the development of our materials and resources
  • Improving awareness of safeguarding within community groups
  • Providing accessible materials to support the work of partner organisations
Extend our range of safeguarding resources and materials

This is what we will do:

2.1 The Board will develop new resources to enable citizens and communities to understand the support available to them.

This will involve:
  • Publicising and distributing new posters, leaflets and cards
  • Producing a short film promoting safeguarding adults awareness for members of the public
  • Developing a new website that enables the Board to promote its work and share safeguarding resources
  • Undertaking a programme of engagement activities to promote safeguarding across diverse community groups in Leeds
  • Hosting safeguarding week to promote awareness of safeguarding adults
  • Supporting the Leeds '16 Days of Action' campaign relating to domestic abuse

2.2 The Board will develop resources to support organisations awareness and understanding of safeguarding adults.

This will involve:

  • Developing an LSAB e-learning resource for organisations
  • Developing and promoting safeguarding information packs for organisations
  • Provide safeguarding partnership learning opportunities in relation to messages from reviews
  • Developing an organisational self-assessment process to support the development of safe services

3.  Ambition: Develop city-wide approaches to safeguarding practice

What we want for citizen's in Leeds: 

'I am confident that practitioners will work together and with me to get the best outcomes for me'

What we are seeking to achieve as a Board:

  • Develop effective multi-agency safeguarding practice
  • Ensure services respond effectively to emerging safeguarding concerns during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Provide for positive person-centred interventions for citizens, that achieve their desired outcomes wherever positive
  • Wherever possible, involve citizens in the development of practice
  • Develop panels/forums that enable practitioners to support individuals living within high risk situations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our approaches, by learning from experience.

This is what we will do: 

3.1 The Board will identify the impact of covid-19 on the prevalence of abuse, neglect and self-neglect in Leeds; and seek assurance as to partnership responses to safeguard people in Leeds during the pandemic.

3.2 The Board will review and advise on the development of the Leeds Domestic Abuse Strategy abuse strategy for Leeds. This is being revised in 2020.

This will involve:

Identifying Board champion(s) to work across the respective strategic partnerships, such as Safer Leeds

  • to ensure the needs of adults with care and support at risk or experiencing domestic abuse are recognised within the strategy
  • to identify issues and actions for our Board to consider

3.3 The Board will seek to map out and positively influence other citywide strategies that serve to protect adults with care and support needs from abuse, neglect or self-neglect.
  • This will include members representing the Board and the safety of people with care and support needs within wider city strategies

3.4 Identify system learning to improve support provided to people living street based lives. 

This will involve: 
  • Concluding a thematic review of people who have died living street-based lives

3.5 The Board will develop the Leeds approach to self-neglect.

This action follows Safeguarding Adults Reviews undertaken in 2019 and learning about the need to develop our approach in Leeds. This will involve:

  • Developing multi-agency guidance to support practitioners and services working with people who self-neglect
  • Producing multi-agency guidance relating to adults who do not engage and/or who disengage from services
  • Researching and considering the need for a forum/panel approach in Leeds, in respect to people living within complex high risk situations
  • Develop workforce knowledge and skills to support people experiencing self-neglect
  • Ensuring learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews relating to self-neglect is disseminated across organisations in Leeds

3.6 Update the Leeds Multi-agency policy and procedures in light of a review held in 2019/20 and recent national ADASS guidance in relation to Section 42 duties.

4.  Ambition: Learn from experience to improve how we work

What we want for Citizen's in Leeds: 

'I am confident that learning from my experience will help others'

 What we are seeking to achieve as a Board:

  • Ensuring we have effective systems to learn from citizen experiences, and bring that learning into workforce development and practice
  • Ensuring we have intelligence-led approaches to determining priorities

 What we will do:

4.1 The Board will develop a range of mechanisms to ensure the Board learns effectively from experience.

This will involve:

  • Updating our Safeguarding Adults Review Policy to support learning from citizen lived experiences
  • Developing a Performance and Quality Assurance Dash Board – inclusive of partner data / intelligence and citizen experiences to inform our work and priorities
  • Developing a Performance and Quality Assurance programme for the year ahead
  • Develop learning resources for practitioners that support the Leeds Approach to Learning and Development (2019)
  • Seeking an assurance from all agencies that the Board's approach to learning and development has been embedded into practice

    Please note:

    The Annual Plan is a dynamic document and subject to change and amendment. If any person believes that an important action has been missed out of this plan, they may make recommendations to:

    Richard Jones, Independent Chair of the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board, 

    A PDF versionof this plan can be sent to you by emailing the email address above.