Board meeting minutes

The Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board currently meets every 3 months. You can view the minutes on this page.

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LSAB Minutes - April 2017PDF 276KB Minutes - April 2017.pdf283221pdfpdf equal-item
LSAB Minutes - February 2017PDF 282KB Minutes - February 2017.pdf288822pdfpdf equal-item
LSAB Minutes - June 2017PDF 337KB 1i) LSAB Minutes June 2017.pdf340863pdfpdf equal-item
LSAB Minutes - September 2017PDF 108KB 1) LSAB Minutes September 2017.pdf106619pdfpdf equal-item
LSAB Final Minutes - November 2017PDF 91KB Final Minutes November 2017.pdf89563pdfpdf equal-item



February 2016PDF 228KB equal-item
April 2016PDF 228KB equal-item
June 2016PDF 323KB equal-item
August 2016PDF 356KB equal-item
October 2016PDF 411KB equal-item
December 2016PDF 298KB equal-item



December 2015PDF 259KB 2) LSAB Minutes 10 December 2015 Final.pdf330361pdfpdf equal-item
October 2015PDF 259KB equal-item
August 2015PDF 180KB 2) LSAB Minutes 11 August 2015.pdf183795pdfpdf equal-item
June 2015PDF 323KB 1) minutes of 18 June 2015 final 30 06 15.pdf98424pdfpdf equal-item
May 2015PDF 199KB equal-item
February 2015PDF 207KB equal-item



November 2014PDF 90KB equal-item
August 2014PDF 103KB equal-item
June 2014PDF 177KB equal-item
April 2014PDF 108KB equal-item
February 2014PDF 130KB equal-item

​Pre-2014 minutes are available from the Minutes archive page.