Leeds DoLS Helpline

Leeds Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Helpline is available to organisations, professionals or members of the public if they need advice in relation to deprivation of liberty safeguards.

The DoLS helpline can provide advice on any matter relating to deprivation of liberty safeguards, including: 

  • whether a deprivation of liberty is occurring
  • how to apply for deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)
  • how to report an unauthorised deprivation of liberty
  • how the DoLS authorisation process works
  • how a person's rights will be protected


NB: The deprivation of liberty safeguards do not apply to a person subject to detention under the Mental Health Act.

Telephone: 0113 535 0004
Monday - Friday - 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3.30pm

Alternatively you can email DoLS.Support@leeds.gov.uk