LSAB Exceptional Risk Forum

Please note: The Exceptional Risk Forum is not a replacement for the safeguarding adults procedures or other multi-agency processes. To raise a safeguarding adults concern, you must contact Adult Social Care

The Exceptional Risk Forum has been established by the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board in recognition that sometimes, despite the best efforts of agencies to work together to intervene and provide support to someone, an exceptional risk to their safety can remain. 

If after the multi-agency safeguarding adults policy and procedures, or other multi-agency processes have been followed, the person remains at exceptional risk to themselves, it may be appropriate for the concerns to be raised with the LSAB Exceptional Risk Forum.

The LSAB Exceptional Risk Forum can offer agencies with a fresh perspective and multi-agency advice and recommendations as to how that person's risk could be reduced.

The Forum can accept referrals in relation to any adult aged 18 years or over:

  • Who requires assistance with aspects of their day to day living as a result of a physical or mental impairment or illness (including a mental health condition or substance misuse), and;
  • Who lives in circumstances of exceptional risk to themselves despite the best efforts of individual agencies and multi-agency approaches to mitigate those risks

Important: The Forum should not however be considered a replacement for the safeguarding adults procedures or other multi-agency procedures, nor it is a replacement for good professional practice, multi-agency working, risk assessment and planning. There is a clear expectation that prior to making a referral to the Forum, agencies will have explored the available options to respond to and mitigate the risks that the person experiences. It is only where these approaches have been tried and have been unsuccessful in mitigating exceptional risk, that a referral to the forum should be considered.

For more information about the Exceptional Risk Forum, when and how to make a referral, please refer to the guidance below. Please do not make a referral without reading the guidance, this could cause a delay in a person receiving the support they need.

  • ERF Referral and Operational Guidance (PDF, 198KB)
  • ERF Before you make a referral checklist (PDF, 96KB) 
  • ERF Referral Form (PDF, 53KB )